We work with two communities of artisan women in Chiapas, Mexico to create our collars.  The artisans are ethnically Maya and speak Tsotsil, a Maya dialect.  With your support, we'll be able to expand and give more weavers in the region a source of stable income. 

Fun fact: By tradition, only women are allowed to learn these weaving techniques and the know-how is passed down from mother to daughter generation after generation.

We let the artisans set their own prices so that they are able to earn a livable wage( a wage that covers all their living expenses ). They earn between 20-50% of our retail price.

The artisans who weave our collars are descendents of the Maya people whose civilization dominated most of Mesoamerica up until the 16th century when the Spanish arrived.  They speak the language Tsotsil which is a dialect similar to the original Maya language. Their wide variety of weaving techniques and designs originated during the time of the Maya, though some techniques and materials have changed under the influence of modernization and european cultures.

Since the endings of our collars are water-resistant latigo leather, we recommend that you spot clean your collar with leather conditioner. The textile can be cleaned with a bit of soap, water, and a sponge.

In the case that any loose threads appear, you can cut the loose thread right up to textile, then use a lighter to slightly burn the thread and then flatten it against the textile.  This will essentially "glue" the frayed thread to the textile.

Yes, however please note that our collars aren't break-away type.  Please make sure to check our sizing chart for correct sizing.

Shipping + handling

We can ship anywhere in the world but rates vary according to distance. We use USPS, UPS, DHL and Federal Express, depending on the destination country.  International shipping rates are automatically calculated at checkout.

At this time, we offer free standard shipping to the US for orders over $50.

Feel free to contact us at info@amorhandmade.com or call us at (626) 803-2822 M-F 9AM-5PM PST